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I am a thirty-something woman who has been battling a weight issue since 2000.  I started out trying every diet in sight with no luck and getting so frustrated I thought I could never change.  Then one day, after downing half and angel food cake, two bean burritos and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I decided there just HAD to be another solution, maybe my problem wasn't my diet.  I knew what to eat, I was committed to losing weight, and yet the magic weight loss still eluded me.  I took to the internet and searched for "oral fixation" and quickly realized THAT was not my issue.

After searching and searching I finally stumbled upon this concept of normal or intuitive eating and in that moment, my whole world changed.  I realized I wasn't the only one who had felt this way.  There might just be help for me yet and what a relief that was. 

I have been working this program for some time now and I wanted to share my experience because I had a hard time finding a blog that related to me.  It was either all about a specific diet or fitness plan, or the other extreme, people who were deep inside a serious eating disorder.  I wanted to learn about someone like me, someone who was just really frustrated with unsuccessful diets but without extreme food issues.  I wasn't bulemic or anorexic but I was an overeater.

That being said, I think both groups I just mentioned can find helpful information in my blog and maybe it will open their eyes to something new as well.  I hope this opens the dialog about food and emotion and how they are tied together.  I hope the conversation can be elevated from fat and calorie intake or numbers on the scale or how many miles I ran and how fast to our obsession with tracking these things and what is underneath that drives these obsessions.  There are answers on the other side, they just don't look like what you would expect.  That is what I am learning and I hope someone else can benefit from my journey.

I am by no means an expert on this, I am just someone trying to figure out what works best for managing my weight, and my life!

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