Monday, January 14, 2013

Spring Cleaning

It's been warm where I live and I've been having the urge to clean out the house.  I feel like I see clutter everywhere I look and I have such little storage space that there's not a space for everything.  Which  means I need to get rid of things that I don't use.  I am so excited to do this because I feel like a clean, uncluttered house is a way of taking care of myself and brings such calm to my mind and soul.

We started with the kitchen last weekend although we still have some to do there.  I also cleaned out a closet which badly needed cleaning.  I love opening that closet now!

This weekend I'll tackle cords and our linen rack and a bookshelf.  I'm getting rid of everything we don't use.  I know that I won't miss it once it's gone, it's just tough to make the initial decision to get rid of something.  I have this urge to say, someday I might want or need it, but in reality, I probably won't.  And for those days of clutter-free living, it will be well worth repurchasing a few things if and when I truly need them.

I didn't take any before and after pictures but I will remedy that this weekend.

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