Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Living a full life

One of the more difficult (IMHO) parts of normal eating is building a life you love and that fulfills you.  This is so difficult because I don't know what it is that would fulfill me and it's a tough journey trying to figure it out.  It really shouldn't be that hard, or doesn't sound like it should be, but it is!  I find myself reading facebook and blogs and seeing how others are figuring this out and I get really frustrated because it appears they are doing so much to live a full life and I am doing nothing!

Just took five deep breaths and reminded myself that I am doing my very best.  I want so many things and feel like the job I am in really stops me from doing what I want.  It's really me that stops me I suppose.

Maybe what I need is a little dose of what my life is right now and what I AM doing...
  • I am raising a beautiful little 18 month old boy
  • I am growing a baby girl to be born in June 2013
  • I have written about 50 pages of a screenplay
  • I have a good job doing something I am good at
  • I am attempting to write a blog
  • I am working on normal eating and my own emotional growth and development
  • I am reading a book
  • I just completed and continue to work on sleep training a toddler
  • I am helping my husband find a job in another city and contemplating a move

Here are some things I would like:
  • Complete my screenplay before the baby is born
  • Get my training certification before the baby is born
  • Apply to grad school
  • Take lots of pictures
  • Continue to work on blogging
  • Attend a blogging conference, maybe BlogHer??
I know this is something I constantly battle with, I have this idea in my head that everyone else is living the life that they dream of and I am not.  Is this true?  When something is no longer working, that is when you have to take some risks and try something new and I feel like I am not taking any risks.  And that is what creates excitement, right?  And it does!  It has been a long time since I tried for something.  Now that's a thought I will continue to ponder.

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