Thursday, February 21, 2013

Food this week

I am finding myself digging around trying to figure out what I ate last time I was pregnant and what my blood sugar and weight numbers were so I am going to use this blog to give myself some historical reference on this front.  Here's a general list of what I've been eating...

Food this week:
Steel cut oats with half and half, brown sugar, banana chunks
Cheerios with Splenda or fruit
Eggs (fried, scrambled, omelet, poached) and toast with sausage (nitrate free!)

Apple with peanut butter
Orange with cheese
Popcorn (not the best)
Special K cereal
Avocado with cottage cheese and chips (chips not the best)
Cheese (bedtime snack)

Pork enchiladas, homemade (brought a bunch so I could eat them every day)
Pork chop with applesauce

Pizza (Palmero which is pretty low in carbs but still not the best) with salad
Feta stuffed chicken

Large iced coffee with sugar-free vanilla and half and half
La Croix water
Regular water

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