Friday, February 15, 2013

Forward Steps

A few steps in the right direction lately:

Work - Related:
  • I got a membership to the ASTD website and have asked to get certified which was met with enthusiasm!  I plan to get things started and scheduled and get this done before June 1.
  • I've been really focused on doing a good job at work and trying not to get too distracted.  It does leave me feeling more satisfied at the end of the day.
  • My blood sugar seems to be coming down through diet modification and I couldn't be more thrilled! 
  • I started a list of delicious meals that are low in carbs and sugar so I can eat things I like.
  • I bought a heartrate monitor so I can start exercising within reason and still be healthy for baby.
We've been continuing our work on organizing the house and getting rid of things we don't use.  It will be a continual project but two great things are the bookshelf and the linen shelf that I have organized...oh! and the changing table/dresser.  We'll keep hacking away at it.  What I've discovered is that it's a continual process and the more I make it part of my lifestyle rather than a once/year or once/decade event, the better off we will be!

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